Grapes’ types
95% Sangiovese 5% Canaiolo

Method of Production
Grapes of Sangiovese and Canaiolo, after being vinified together, are macerate for 12-13 days and after the fermentation process, the wine stays in cement tanks for 5-8 months.
Organoleptic Features
Colour: Intense ruby red

Fragrance: Intense, harmonious, persistent, with aroma of red fruits (as blackberry or plum)

Taste: Fresh, harmonious and balanced with a great structure.

History: The “first born” wine of our farm! A wine of the ancient time that reminds our grandparents’ wine thanks to its freshness, structure and its alcohol content.

enJOY the Taste
Its name means “divine”: it is because of its very easy way to drink it, perfect for every daily meal!