Grapes’ types
95% Sangiovese – 5 % Canaiolo

Method of Production
Thanks to the accurate selection of these grapes of Sangiovese and Canaiolo it comes out this spectacular wine.

The careful maceration and the aging in big barrel for 18 months take to a perfect union of flavors and fragrances.
Organoleptic Features
Colour: purple red with violet reflections
Fragrance: Fine complex and intense bouquet, with smell of red fruits.
Taste: Incredible structure, pleasant aromatic bouquet with fascinating persistence. Excellent inside the mouth.

History: After 18 months inside durmast barrel, it takes the time to become an excellent wine to ponder and for roast. Three months in bottle make this wine inebriating.

enJOY the taste: Robust and charming wine with an incredible persistence. This wine has an enviable elegance!