Grapes’ types
95% Sangiovese – 5% Canaiolo

Method of Production
Life of this incredible wine begins with an accurate selection of the grapes, proceeding 14/16 maceration days after those it is allowed the extraction of colorant, needed to give to the wine violet coloration and a great structure.

Organoleptic Features

Colour: Purple red with violet reflection
Fragrance: Fine complex and intense bouquet, with smell of red fruit (as blackberry and berries)
Taste/Flavour: Great structure, pleasant aromatic bouquet and of an excellent persistence.

History: Chianti Classico history is very ancient and fascinating and it dates back to war among Siena and Firenze. It is produced by almost only Sangiovese that is maybe a vine variety of Tuscany: it is very one of the most common for the production of high quality wines.

Just a curiosity is that the name “Sangiovese” could derive form “Sangue di Giove” (= blood of Zeus), a proof of the correlation between divinities and wine.
enJOY the Taste
A persistent, harmonious, tasteful wine…perfect from the nose to the mouth.