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Poggio Regini | About Us

About Us

Founded in 1969 by Rodolfo Rossi and Bruno Boccacci, Poggio Regini farm is nestled amongst the Chianti hills in the town of Castellina in Chianti with its land of about 23 hectares - 11 hectares vineyards and other mixed farming areas.

The company, over time, has managed to transform its methods into the production of high quality wines, within the landscape of this postcard scenery.

Traditional methods worked by the father and son partnership moved into a new era in 1993 when, the management was passed down Manuele Rossi, son of Rodolfo and nephew of Bruno. With the passion and dedication to produce genuine products, Poggio Regini evolved and regenerated in 1997 with the planting of an additional two acres of olive groves and in 1998 added and additional seven hectares of vineyard.

2005 marked the first year that the wines were bottled, with a great success for the business. As always, the business is a family concern , today Poggio Regini is managed by Manuele and his family - his son Maurizio, his wife Cinzia and the invaluable assistance of Rodolfo, the founding father, who, despite his infirmities, does not surrender to the passion for life and joyfulness.